After weeks (months!) of maintenance, I’m losing again. I’m glad to see this long plateau come to an end, and even more excited about my goals.

I’ve joined a challenge on the 3 Fat Chicks forum that ends when The Biggest Loser ends in early December. My goal for that is to hit 180lbs, then knock another 5lbs off before the New Year. I was a little apprehensive about setting big goals like that after this plateau, but then this week happened.

This week, I became overweight.

When I weighed in yesterday, I weighed in at 195lbs. Also known as a BMI of 29.6. However flawed the BMI may be, it’s an interesting way to track change. Now the BMI says I’m not obese anymore; now I’m overweight.

I’m seeing change in my body again, as well. Mostly I can see it in my face, but a little around my waist, as well. Might be time to do some measurements again, as it has been a while. The other exciting part of this was that as I went through my closet to do a Stuff Purge, a few things that I would have tossed for being to small a few months ago now FIT again! I do love going shopping in my own closet like that!

I’m still nervous about going to the doctor on Thursday, but I’m also feeling more calm about it. It will be what it will be, and I will handle it. I have set goals, I am continuing to make better choices, I have great support systems, and life is pretty good. Bring it on, body. I can handle whatever you throw at me.


3 Responses to “Progress”

  1. 1 Terri

    Congratulations on your loss and “new” clothes! Good luck with your dr. appt.

  2. Congrats on beating the plateau and losing again! I cannot wait for this plateau to end, I am so over it already!

    I wish I were overweight! I have another 45lbs odd to lose until I reach that but totally do able! Congrats on that too!

  3. 3 practiceliving

    Thanks Terri and GroovyBabe!

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