Blog Action Day


How many of you have heard of Blog Action Day? On October 15, 2007, thousands of bloggers around the world will share one topic – the environment. Whatever their focus, be it politics, weight loss, celebrity gossip, finances or something else, more than 5000 blogs will be home to posts about the environment.

I’m going to be one of them, and I hope you will too. Will this make some great change in the world? I have no idea, but I certainly don’t think it will hurt. One of the creators has this response:

“I believe that change in the world does not happen in events, but rather in processes. It’s easy to think ‘what can one person do?’ Or ‘what change will bloggers really make?’ The truth is by participating in Blog Action Day we are helping steer the global conversation, adding impetus to an already important issue and driving social change in the only way that really matters, by changing people’s minds.”

You can learn more about Blog Action Day through their FAQ page or register your blog now.


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