The Big Debate


I haven’t commented on this storm of posts* across the fatblogs lately because my personal shit was getting in the way of anything more articulate than “AHHHHHHHHHHH.” 😀

That said, now that I’ve calmed the hell down a little, I think what I’m struggling with is this:

  1. I get (and respect, as someone trying to lose weight) the sentiment of separating the personal from the political.
  2. I get (and respect) the need for people losing weight to leave that at the door when they enter FA conversations.
  3. I don’t I understand some of the derision towards people losing weight. To me, the respect has to go both ways. I don’t expect anyone to support dieters in their choice to lose weight, but that doesn’t make them any less deserving of respect *as a whole person*

I completely understand the idea that dieting and fat acceptance are politically at odds. What I don’t understand is two of the sentiments I keep seeing in the comments of many of these posts: it is possible to be fat activist or ally at any size – 00 or 32, and anything between or beyond these sizes BUT it is not possible to be a fat activist or ally if you are moving down this scale; and, it is ok to lose weight IF it is a by-product of healthy lifestyle changes and not the FOCUS of those changes, but it’s not okay to, say, have a goal weight

Say WHAT?!

So nine months ago, when I started slowly changing my lifestyle but before I chose a goal weight, I was still a-okay as a member of the fat acceptance movement, but now, because I have a freaking goal weight, I’m not? Now that I’m moving between sizes, I’m not okay in the movement, but once I reach whatever size I am at goal, I will magically be okay again?

I know that, in the creation of a political movement, some lines have to be drawn. I just don’t know if they are being drawn in the right places, or if it’s coming down to some very vague differences in vocabulary or attitude.

Now it’s time for me to stop writing, because my personal shit is coming into the politics of this again.

Can’t we all just get along?

(*If you are unaware of what I speak, check out recent posts from Hanne Blank, The Rotund, the three writers at Shapely Prose, and Not a Pretty Girl.)


One Response to “The Big Debate”

  1. I find there is a lot of ignorance surrounding the whole subject of weightloss so I really try not to worry myself with it. You wont change other people’s (misinformed) ideas so it is best to just get on and do your own thing.

    Many people are against my using xenical but to be honest I couldn’t care less. Its working for me, have they lost 40lbs, reduced their body weight by 15% and turned their cardiovascular system into something that works well for them? Exactly. Let them do their thing and I’ll do mine! 🙂

    As for a goal. I have had a set goal in mind. 136lbs, or 9 stones 10lbs, which is a very healthy goal for my height. The people who do you down for having a goal will be the first to congratulate you when you reach it!

    The thing that bothers me most though is people using what works for them into bullying others to apply the same rules. I weigh in every day and often miss breakfast in favour of late night eating but has it done me any harm?

    Do your own thing then you’re only accountable to you:)

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