1. I’m changing my “official” weigh in day from Thursdays to Sundays. I think it will be easier to have one day for everything. I’ve been weighing on Thursdays for myself, Sundays for FatBlokeThin‘s challenge, and now I’m supposed to start Mondays for a Biggest Loser challenge on the 3 Fat Chicks forums. So it’s going to be Sundays all around from here on out! I’m very excited for the BL challenge on 3FC, it should be fun, and just the kick in the pants I need right now!
  2. School. Oh my gosh. I feel awkward and out of practice when I’m there; it feels like first year all over again, but with harder coursework. Gah. Tomorrow I find out whether I can get into the class I want/need or not, also. Fingers crossed for me, please!
  3. Domestic-stuff. I think my house is trying to swallow me. Definitely need to put the HOUSE on a freakin’ diet. Just too much STUFF. Next weekend I am going to have a serious date with some cheesy tunes, some keep/toss/donate boxes, and my junk.
  4. I think I’m getting tennis elbow from Wii Sports tennis.
  5. Those goal posts I wrote about the other day are coming, some time this week.
  6. Did I mention school? GAH.

2 Responses to “Notes”

  1. One of the instructors at my tennis lessons said they had heard of people getting tennis elbow from the Wii, so it might be a possibility!

  2. You’re brave to weigh in on Sundays. If I’m going to be bad, it’s on the weekends … and I have five days to get ride of it (my weigh in day is Friday). Ha!

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