There’s a strike right now in my city; all the outdoor workers (e.g. garbage collectors) and some of the indoor workers (e.g. librarians) have been on strike for just over 7 weeks now.

At the beginning of the strike, I was in complete support of the workers. The city is trying to give them a terrible contract, and refusing to negotiate certain issues. I am NOT a fan of our current city government, and this strike has really confirmed that.

That said… this is getting silly. Both sides are refusing to negotiate or compromise, and it just goes on and on.

One of the consequences is that there has been no residential garbage pickup for the duration of the strike. We’ve been reducing, reusing and recycling our little hearts out, but we still create garbage. After the first 4 weeks, the city said residents could start using their yard trimmings bins for garbage too. 7+ weeks in, our garbage and yard trimmings are full. Remember that we live in a basement suite, so we share our containers with the people upstairs.

We are at the point now where our recycling bin is overflowing, our newspaper bag and cardboard bag are about to burst, our garbage and yard trimmings bins are stuffed. The last couple days, we’ve had some double-bagged bags of garbage sitting outside our door, because there’s nowhere else for them to go until we find another place to stash it.

Well, last night, we were sitting around playing video games, having a nice quiet evening at home. About 9:30, I hear a noise outside and freeze. Adam bravely went to investigate, with me thinking there was someone outside.

He switches on the porch light, and this is what he found:

A little skunk, ripping apart one of the bags. Adam banged on the glass, and it didn’t even move. It took both of us banging on the glass and me waving my arms around like a crazy person to get it to run away.

After that, we geared up with shoes, a flashlight, and all the outside lights on. We went and grabbed one of the cans our landlord uses for yardwork, lucked out with an empty one, and sealed the bags up in that.

Settle the strike, Sam, or I’ll tell the skunks to go find you!


One Response to “Strike”

  1. We don’t have skunks … we have raccoons. Tons of ’em!

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