Move it!


I’m officially registered for the Fall Classic 5K. Yikes! I know that I can walk a speedy 5K, now I just need to get my butt on track to run a slow one. While J and I have set a time goal, I’m not going to focus on that; we mostly did it for the chance to win a pair of shoes if we beat it!

After the long weekend, and a crazy week, I’ve not progressed past my Week 0.5 status. This weekend I have to decide whether to continue with Ct5K on my own, or join the Running Room Learn to Run clinic on Monday nights. That would take care of one run a week, motivation-wise, and I could do the other two on my own, or with the RR’s Weds/Sun group runs. Either way, on Monday I’ll be at it again!

On the 3 Fat Chicks forum, another poster created a thread about change in the other areas of our lives. She was wondering if she was the only one who felt the need to overhaul many parts of her life; most of the answers so far have been that she’s not alone. I certainly agree! This year has been all about figuring myself out. I’m discovering a lot about myself, regardless of how visible/public the process is.

Above all, I’ve realised that I haven’t been as in control of my life as I thought. How I got fat, how I’ve not saved money, how I’ve only done okay in school; these things all come from me letting go of control, and letting or expecting things to happen on their own. I stopped being an active participant in my own life for a few years, but I’m slowly changing that. I am at fault, and I’ve accepted and moved beyond that.

Now I just need to keep moving my butt and making things happen!


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