QOTW: Just do it.


“So, whatever you want to do, just do it… making a damn fool of yourself is absolutely essential.” – Gloria Steinem

I think this is the perfect quote as I continue to battle Couch to 5K and try to maintain a healthy life.

It’s okay to be out by the high school and have a gaggle of 15 year olds see my fat self, red-faced and sweaty, go puffing by the tennis courts as I try to do a Couch to 5K workout.

It’s okay to look ridiculous when I get really into Wii Sports and flail and sweat all over the place.

The world will not end if I accidentally let go of my resistance band and it smacks me in the head. The world will keep turning, and I will probably laugh so hard I almost wet myself. That’s okay. Well, as long as I don’t actually wet myself!

If I want or need to ask for something on the side or to get the freakin’ french fries sometimes, that’s okay.

So stop dithering, start doing, and don’t worry if you look like a fool on occasion. Everyone does.


3 Responses to “QOTW: Just do it.”

  1. 1 beegsays

    this is exactly what i needed to read this morning. thanks

    You’re welcome! Glad it helped!

  2. 2 kate

    i ❤ Wii Sports. Am very tempted to buy a Wii. We just got rid of Sky (cable) with the house move so that Hads watches less tv, but i’m thinking a Wii (rather than x box) is a kind of active activity so its not too bad. Or I could be kidding myself…

    Kate, I LOVE ours. Some of the games are very sedentary, like any other game system. Wii Sports is very active, though, and Nintendo is releasing a set of games called Wii Fit in the near future. -M.

  3. 3 Julie

    Love the quote! As another C25K starter, running for the first time at 42, This is so me!!! I run in the morning before anyone is up so they won’t see me! And have been considering joing a gym, but don’t want to exercise in front of anyone. So this quote and your comments are just what I needed!

    Julie – glad the quote is helpful! Ct5K is a challenge, but I know it will pay off. I run early so that no one can see me, and so my boyfriend makes sure I get out of bed to do it! 😉 I used to belong to a gym, but find it easier to just get up and go from home now. Good luck!

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