New Leaf


Tomorrow is The First Day of School. I give it all caps because it feels big, clunky, awkward. I am nervous about the first day of school, as I always am, but this year it’s a different kind of nervous. I can’t decide if these nerves come from this being my final semester, concerns about my courses, or angst about my goals for the remainder of 2007.

I’ve been thinking about goal-setting a great deal this weekend. September always feels like more of new year to me than January does, probably because of the transition back to school. I’ve set my goals for September, as I wrote about the other day, but I think it’s time to set some goals that are more long-term. In the next few days, watch for posts about my goals for the next four months, the next year, and the next five years.

Here’s to (another) fresh start!


One Response to “New Leaf”

  1. Good luck with your school year!

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