Stuff: Nalgene


Occasionally, I’ll be writing about the products I try or use in my quest for a healthier lifestyle. These are NOT provoked or supported by any of the companies whose products I may write about; they are simply things I’ve tried and either found useful or bunk.

Oh, Nalgene, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

  1. You come in delightful colours, which means I can coordinate my Nalgene to my outfit, if I choose. (…Not that I’ve ever done that or anything.)
  2. So many sizes! Big ones and little ones, wide mouth and narrow, tall and short. A bottle sized for every bag; a girl-on-the-go’s dream!
  3. The indestructibility. My precious pink 1L Nalgene has survived the dishwasher, my backpack, camping, sports, being thrown across a gym in anger, being flung across a room accidentally (not a good idea to gesture wildly while holding said Nalgene by the little lid-loopy-bit), and being dropped on many-a-sidewalk.
  4. The lack of plastic stinky. I’ve tried other brands, I’ve tried knockoffs, I’ve tried reusing other bottles, and nothing compares to the sweet, non-plasticy, non-smell of my Nalgene bottles (unless iced tea has been left in them in the sun for four days, in which case – *dies*)
  5. The lid-loopy-bit! How many times has that little bit of plastic saved me from losing my lid or dropping it onto the nasty floor of the 99?
  6. You help me get my 8+ glasses a day, keeping me awake and hydrated, and helping me have a lovely complexion, no easy feat.

I can say nothing bad about Nalgene bottles. I love them, I want all the colours of all the sizes. Now that I’ve started running, I need to figure out which size I might be comfortable carrying, until I can afford one of those high-tech waist belts that holds onto your water and keys and other useful things. My 1L bottles are way too heavy, and my smaller bottle had to be retired after an unfortunate incident involving apple juice, the bottom of my backpack, high20s weather, and my bad memory.

Overall – Nalgene gets a big YAY!


3 Responses to “Stuff: Nalgene”

  1. 1 beegsays

    I’d just like to second your love of Nalgene bottles. Best thing ever in college…best thing ever at the office now.

  2. I’m lost without my Nalgene bottle at the gym!

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