Week One, Day One.


What the hell was I/am I thinking??

Week One, Day One of Ct5K is a 5 minute warm up, 20 minutes of intervals (60s run, 90s walk), and a 5 minute cool down. Thanks to the Ullreys podcasts, I don’t have a watch to stare at – just have to keep listening to my iPod.

I *am* proud to say that (a) I got out of bed at 6:25am (b) I got up AND put my gear on, and (c) I did the best I could.

The best I could was following the plan for the first 5 intervals, and then walking the remaining time. I still have some lingering congestion from last week’s cold, and that, combined with my asthma, had me feeling like death by the end of the 4th interval. I did one more, which I sort of regret – I had to go for my inhaler on the walk home, and was breathing hard for a while after I got in.

I left home, walked to the high school, and did my intervals around the schoolgrounds, then walked back home. There were a few people out, mostly heading to their cars and driving off. There was one guy who unnerved me a little as I was coming home (w/in two blocks of home), but I think he saw me looking at him over my shoulder, and he was gone before I turned the corner to my street. Definitely still want to get different headphones, though; even though my iPod goes in my sports bra, my headphones look too much like the standard ones, which makes me nervous. No more attacks that I’ve heard about, but also no news about whether they caught anyone.

Finally, I know running isn’t easy, but I’d sure like to look like the woman who said good morning to me, and smiled encouragingly as I was slogging through interval 4. She was working hard but smiling, talking, generally breeeezing along. For now, I will embrace my huffing, puffing, red-faced, bouncy self, and go out again Wednesday morning to try Day Two.


4 Responses to “Week One, Day One.”

  1. 1 contadine

    still, 20+ minutes on your first day is very good. Me, I’d be proud if I actually ran at all, even if it was just 2 feet! So doing 5 intervals is great!

  2. 2 practiceliving

    Thanks, Contadine.

    I think the only saving grace for me is that I’ve always kept walking, even when not exercising. I have to walk around campus for class, or to see friends, because I don’t have a car. It’s either the bus or my feet, if I want to get most places.

    The running, though… holy God. 😀

  3. 3 kate


    did you try again yet? (I keep telling myself I will do C25k again after the tap show…)

  4. 4 practiceliving

    Kate – I went Weds morning as well, but was SO sore and congested that I didn’t really fare any better. This morning I was frantically packing to go home tonight, so couldn’t go out. Next week I’m going to get going again.

    I hope the show goes well!

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