September Goals


So it’s almost the end of the month, and time for back-to-school! That means it’s also time to assess how I did on my August goals, and set some new ones for September.

  • Weight goal = 190 by the first day of school (Sept 4th).
    • HAHAHAHAH. That is me laughing at how not even CLOSE this was to reality. Between being sick, Adam being away working for two weeks, and general LIFE, I didn’t make much of an effort on this goal.
  • Fitness goal = 1000mins exercise in August.
    • WOO HOO! Totally going to ace this one; I’m at 960minutes as of this morning, with at least another 90minutes of exercise planned.
  • Nutrition goals = Breakfast (incl. multivitamin) daily. No more Tony’s trips (the deli near work) in the morning. Nothing after 9pm, because all I ever eat after 9pm is crap! 😉
    • I did pretty well on this set; I’d estimate around 85-90% compliance. Most of the times I didn’t stick to this were well reasoned, too, such as eating after 9pm because not eating between 3pm one day and 7am the next is NOT an option.

So. September. What to do with September, aside from make sure it doesn’t suck? I’ve decided that September gets four goals – one each for weight, exercise, nutrition and school. They should each be a S.M.A.R.T. goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely), so that they are more accurate and achievable than last month.

  • Weight: 193lbs – i.e. a 5.5lb loss from this morning’s weight. This works out to approximately 1.3-1.4lbs each week, a healthy rate of loss.
  • Exercise: Continue with Couch to 5K and finish at least Week 3 by the end of the month. (Also following 1000min challenge on 3FC.)
  • Nutrition: Try at least 4 new recipes this month.
  • School: At least 30mins/day of schoolwork – homework, re-writing notes, studying, writing papers, whatever. 30mins/day, minimum.

I think that these all look like they are measurable and attainable, plus all the rest of the SMART plan. Last month my head wasn’t in the game enough, and my goals weren’t as clear as they could have been. There’s no futzing around with these ones – they’re too clear.

What are your September goals?


2 Responses to “September Goals”

  1. I don’t really set goals. I just do the best I can as much as I can.

    Good goals, though. You go, Girl!

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