Learning to Run


I’ve been Googling and clicking around people’s blogrolls to read running blogs and I’m still scared. I can think of a thousand reasons excuses not to do this, but they are all (hopefully) trumped by my commitment to change and my health.

The only two I can’t shake yet are the “what if my lungs can’t handle it?” and “I’m fat, I can’t run!” excuses. I know that the answer to the first is to take it as it goes, and make sure that I have my Ventolin inhaler with me all the time. The second, well, that’s just all in my head. Women larger than me run, and maybe I will jiggle my way along, but if I can do it… I am going to be so proud of myself.

I’m thinking that while I plan on starting couch to 5K on Monday, I may join one of those “learn to run” clinics at one of the local running stores. The benefit to Ct5K is that I can do it alone, without anyone judging me. The benefit to the clinic is doing it RIGHT, and learning a lot of other things, too. The downside to Ct5K is that everywhere around my house is hilly, which means HARD. The downside to the clinic is that the store is at the bottom of the hill, which means walking home uphill.

God, look at me debate with myself. This is silly.

Tomorrow I’ll go to the store and at least ask some questions about the clinic. Then I can decide from there, and maybe use Ct5K as a way to “warm up” for the clinic.

But damn I’m scared.


2 Responses to “Learning to Run”

  1. Start slow. Run a minute … walk a minute, etc.

    I’ve been trying to get into running but I find it boring. I wanna get in that zone!

  2. 2 Kate

    Hon, I am sure that will C25K you will do fine. I want you to email me after your first run and let me know how it went.

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