I’ve written before about walking my first 5K in March. My friend and I signed up for a 5K at our university, with all the proceeds going to send medical students to rural internships over the summer. While we finished far behind the runners, we were the second group of walkers to cross the finish line, literally seconds after the first group. We finish in 50mins, 02seconds. Since that day, I’ve thought how neat it would be to go back a year later and run it.

Now that I’ve decided to do Couch-to-5K, that can happen. I’m worried about my motivation, though, especially as the last few weeks will be during the beginning of Vancouver’s wettest months. The program is daunting enough for me, having to finish it in the pouring rain is not a thrilling idea. It’s what I need to do, though, so I’m going to have to toughen up a little!

I’ve emailed the same friend who walked the 5K with me in March, to see if she’ll walk/run the New Balance Fall Classic with me in November. I could sign up on my own, but I’m more likely to follow through if I know someone else is depending on me AND expecting to see some progress from me! Because the race is on campus, it’s convenient, and I can do some of my Ct5K runs out there as well.

I want to do this one in November and set the goal of running more of it than I walk, and just beating my last time even by a minute! Then I can work from there on getting ready for the March one, and maybe even set a time goal.

Here’s hoping J is willing to do this with me, or that I can find another buddy to do it with!

ETA: She’s in. Crap/Yay!


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