Off my butt.


On Monday, I am going to get up half an hour early, put my damn sweatpants on, lace up my shoes, and start Couch to 5K.

Even though I know my breathing/general well-being is still going to be less than 100% on Monday (stupid cold!), it’s time. I need to get into the routine before school starts again, and that’s only two weeks away. Even if it means I do week one for a month, I want to start, and I want to start now. If I didn’t feel like something had died in my lungs, I would start tomorrow, but I’ve got to listen to my body this week and take it easy.

I’m a little concerned, just because I know I cannot do this without my iPod. Problem is, some fucker has been attacking people in my neighbourhood to steal their iPods. One of the attacks was *five blocks* from my house. The police are saying that it looks like he’s targeting the white headphones, so maybe I’ll just get black ones.

Regardless of the iPod situation, Monday morning. 6:30am. Me and my running shoes, we have a date.

PS: How did I not know that Melissa Kirsch has a blog? She wrote the awesome book The Girl’s Guide to Absolutely Everything. Definitely worth checking out her blog, and the book if you’re a gal!


2 Responses to “Off my butt.”

  1. 1 kate

    Was just going to suggest the black headphones and then I reread your post. Stupid Kate. Good luck with the C25K. Its hard but very rewarding. I need to do it again.



  2. 2 practiceliving

    Thanks Kate – I remember you doing it before and finding it easy to follow.


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