Clothes! Accessories! Shoes! Oh my!


Oh dear Lord.

Through a LiveJournal community I watch, I found out about Polyvore. Talk about a fun, amazing, time suck! Hehe. On Polyvore you can use their interactive editor to groups items – furniture, clothes, accessories, all kinds of stuff. I found out about it as a tool for putting together outfits, seeing whether an imagined look would actually work.

So. Freaking. Cool.

I want to go “back to school” shopping soon, and this might just help me only buy a few, versatile items, or buy a few things to work with what I’ve already got. There are so so so many stores on Polyvore, although I’d like to see a few more Canadian chains there. I’ll probably just have to get going with adding things myself; that’s the other neat part – users add items themselves for everyone to access, drawing the images and info from the websites of stores.


5 Responses to “Clothes! Accessories! Shoes! Oh my!”

  1. 1 juni

    hey i love polyvore too!
    and do you know you can ‘clip’ onto polyvore whatever items you can find on the net?
    so add items from canadian chains now:D

  2. 2 practiceliving

    Oh Juni, I know! It’s so neat!

  3. A new look! I like it! I really need to work on purchasing items that will work at work and at play…instead of just buying a pair of jeans or just a shirt for work, etc. I should make that a goal…I think I will be going shopping on Wednesday so that might not be too far off…

  4. 4 practiceliving

    Harmonia – I’ve been using it to build outfits with what I think I want to buy this fall. It’s great, and really helping me decide that maybe I *don’t* need that particular sweater because it looks silly with what I already own, etc.

    I’m also in a “challenge” community on LJ where people post one item and have others build them a potential outfit. So fun!

  1. 1 Clothes! Accessories! Shoes! Oh my! | Buy Clothes

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