PhotoHunt: Two



I live in Vancouver, BC.

Vancouver doesn’t do winter. Vancouver does cool temperatures (“cold” is anything below 10C) and a lot of rain. One of the joys of living near the ocean are moderate temperatures year-round. It’s a different kind of cold than in other parts of Canada – in the places where it is cold and snowy, if you layer properly, you won’t totally freeze. Out here, it just seeps into you, til the cold feels like it’s in your bones.

This year, we had more snow than I’ve experienced living here. It’s always funny to see what happens to the city when it snows. This picture is from one of the first dustings of snow; we DID get more than this eventually, but I thought the street looked so pretty like this!


8 Responses to “PhotoHunt: Two”

  1. Now at the end of summer, it’s sad that’s what we’ll be getting really soon. Yours is so pretty.

  2. That looks so pretty! I love the snow 🙂

  3. Beautiful shot.

  4. We don’t get snow normally..but when we do, it’s so pretty and then causes so many accidents when it freezes.

  5. I have never touched real snow in my life.. I live in Malaysia, and it’s humid and warm here all year round..!!

  6. So is the two the tire tracks? Here at my altitude, we see a lot of days like this. 😉

  7. Ew! Snow! I’m not ready for it yet!

    Mine’s up 🙂

  8. Lovely shot for this weeks theme. Just thinking of all that snow is making me cold .. brrrrrr 😀

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