Just thought I’d share a few great posts I’ve come across this week!

WhyMommy writes about the impact of blogging and internet-relationships. Don’t forget to check out her post about inflammatory breast cancer and join Team WhyMommy!

The Pound Slayer wrote about the similarities between habit-forming and ancient bridge-building.

MamaVISION has a great post about the whole LiveJournal/pro-ana hullabaloo.

Everyday Athlete wrote passionately about why she runs.

Southern Fried Fatty reposted about random weight fluctuations on Incredible Shrinking Ladies. Thanks for it SFF, it was well timed with my own sushi&PMS-induced fluctuation this week!

Another great one from SFF about re-setting her goals part-way through the month.

Weetabix at Elastic Waist wrote a wonderful post about how the media has been treating Kirstie Alley. As much as Kirstie Alley drives me batty, Weetabix makes some strong points about the weird-ass media.

Mark’s Daily Apple has a round-up post of delicious-sounding recipes. Mmmmmm.

Finally, the Go Fug Yourself gals give me bigtime lolz with this post about Kanye West.


One Response to “Sharing.”

  1. Thanks for the link!

    And thanks for the list too, the Kanye West thing made me chuckle 🙂

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