Ohh, the pain.


Let me be a lesson to you all.

Stretch before and after exercise. Stretch A LOT. Stretch more than you think is possible.

Friday night my slo-pitch team played in a sudden-death mini-tournament to try to get into the weekend tournament. We played SO well and had more fun than we’ve had all season. We got through two games with solid wins, which put us through to the Saturday round-robin.

Saturday at 8:30am, we hit the field for the first of three games. I was a little sore, but waved it off as being tired and cold. Then we played all day, with about an hour off in between games to grab some food, relax, hang out.

Getting out of bed this morning I felt AWFUL. Like someone has frozen all my muscles, ligaments and tendons. I had this whole plan for some biking and pilates today, and I just don’t think I physically CAN without hurting myself. Boo!!

I think I’ll go for an easy walk later, do some easy stretching with the resistance band. Oof do I hurt. 😦


One Response to “Ohh, the pain.”

  1. Stretching is sooooooo important!

    Sounds like lots of ball. Fun! Fun! Fun!

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