One of Harmonia’s posts today is part of her current playlist. Her list looks much like my playlists often do – a little random, with an assortment of genres and eras represented. Reading some of the song titles she listed today instantly brought back some very vivid memories for me.

Tracey Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason” throws me back to my old modern dance classes. My teacher frequently used Tracey Chapman CDs for our warm up music. This teacher is one of the first people who made me think about my body as being okay. I danced with a group of girls who mostly looked like they were meant to be dancers – very lithe, even through puberty. Me, not so much. I was stockier when we were young, and curvier as we got older. This teacher, she didn’t have a perfect, sterotypical “dancer” body either, but she was incredibly successful as a teacher, dancer and choreographer. She didn’t take much BS from any of us, and was one of the first person I consciously thought of as a role model.

Maroon 5’s “This Love” is one of many, many songs that throws me back to first year, hanging out with my girlfriends. Sweaty nights at the clubs, drinking, dancing, being silly. Piling on each other’s beds in residence to watch movies, gossip, study. We laughed a lot in first year, and this song always makes me think of that.

Anything Nelly Furtado makes me think of when I lived in St-Isidore. Nelly is from my hometown (yay Victoria!) and I’m a sucker for anything/anyone successful from back home. Whoa Nelly! came out in 2000, but I remember distinctly buying it sometime while I was in Quebec in Feb-April 2001. I was dreadfully homesick while I was there, and I think I felt like listening to Nelly Furtado would connect me to home in some way.

Blind Melon’s “No Rain” reminds me of Outweek 2002, the year I was in Grade 12. A bunch of my friends and I spent a week on a huge ship, sailing in the Gulf Islands. Okay, we “sailed” because there was no wind most of the week; mostly we motored, did chores, and suntanned. This trip was when I got hooked on lattes, learned to play Spoons, and got one of the best tans of my life.

I’ve always found it funny how memory works; how certain sounds, smells, or tastes will trigger specific memories. Even though I’ve listened to each of these songs or artists in hundreds of other places, with different people, during different experiences, these are the memories they trigger.

(PS: About her playlist post, Harmonia says “I think what I might do…if enough please participate…choose one song that was mentioned the most or often to feature for tomorrow’s video!” So go comment to that entry, please!)


3 Responses to “Tunes”

  1. 1 Harmonia

    Awesome! thanks for pimpin’ my blog! lol. The post is awesome…I enjoyed reading the memories!

  2. Nice selection! Good to see some Canadian content 🙂

  3. I went a little blog crazy the last day and a half. swing by when you can…lots of new posts!

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