I love long weekends. I’ve long thought that we should always have 3-day weekends. They are just the right amount of time to get things done and to relax a little! We had a pretty productive weekend; car shopping on Saturday, Costco yesterday, laundry all weekend, and so on.

The best part for me?

Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. Ten or more hours a night, for the last three nights.

I’m happier, perkier, and I’ve lost the 1.5lbs I gained last week, even though my eating has been a little iffy this weekend. I finally believe all those studies that say that getting enough sleep affects weight loss!

Tonight I’ll go to bed a littler earlier than usual, I think, and get up before work tomorrow morning to workout. Hopefully I can find a way to keep up with my sleep – ten hours a night isn’t practical during the week, but eight hours would be doable and better than the 6-7 hours I’ve been getting lately.

WOO HOO for sleep!


5 Responses to “Sleep.”

  1. I definately agree with the 3 day weekends. As a college student, that would be a dream come true. I usually average 6-7 hours of sleep when I’m at home, but average 4-5 hours when I’m in school.

  2. 2 practiceliving

    It will be interesting to see what happens to my sleep patterns in September, when I go back to mixing school and work. Life will certainly change!

    Thanks for commenting, marquis!

  3. I was able to schedule one semester of college so I didn’t have any classes on Fridays. It was indeed awesome. Yet so traumatic the next semester when I had to actually do stuff on Fridays.

  4. 4 practiceliving

    PQ – that sounds like it would have been awesome for that semester! I used to have no classes on Fridays, but I worked Friday nights… I was the laziest butt EVER on those Fridays. Now that I’m working full time, it’s like a little treat every time there’s a long weekend.

  5. 5 waistloss

    Sleep? I think I still remember what that is. All I can muster is a few moments of unconsciousness.

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