For the last six weeks, I have been losing and gaining and losing and gaining and losing the same. three. pounds.

Frustrated? I think so.

Sign that maybe I’m not eating as well as I could or getting as much exercise as I could? I think so.

Three freaking pounds. The extra annoying part is that these three pounds are the three pounds that waver around 200. I keep being elated to see that 2 disappear, and then the next week it’s like a pathetic little surprise, popping back up again.

I think that 200lbs is proving to be as much of a mental barrier on the way down as it was on the way up. I don’t know why, because I’m certainly willing to kiss it’s backside goodbye, and settle down for the long haul in the land of the 100-somethings.

A while back, if this had happened the day after goal-setting, I would have just thrown my hands up in defeat. Today I am more determined to reach my August goals. This *will* be the month that I kiss 200 goodbye forever.

In other news: volleyball started last night. Sweet jeebus, am I sore today! It was heaps of fun, and I’m looking forward to the season. I got a good, sweaty workout playing in the sand, and was impressed at how well I “kept up” with the skinny girls.


2 Responses to “Three.”

  1. Good for you for not giving up! I’m back on track on Tuesday … yet again!

  2. I’m in the same boat! I have only actually lost 1 pound…but I am down about a pants size! Don’t give up! We have to stick together you know!

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