August Goals


So, welcome to August. Where the heck did this come from? I was still adjusting to July! In four weeks (!!) I have to go back to school. Not sure how I’m feeling about that, just yet. I’m excited that I’m about to graduate (December baby!), but I’m nervous about what comes next. I’m happy that I’ll get to see some of my “school friends” more frequently, but also apprehensive about getting my brain back into the academic world. I’ve enjoyed working 9-5 M-F lately, and it’s going to be strange to go back to a looser schedule, homework, and assignments.

I’m realising more and more just how much concentration weight loss is going to take, if I want it to stick. I’m fine with that, because the changes I know I need to make to kick it up again are changes I should be making for my health, regardless of my weight.

Eating less sugar and less dairy often makes my asthma more manageable or more stable, and will eliminate some of the “junk” calories from my diet, too. Moving more makes my joints happier and less prone to pain. The combination of the two lessens my fatigue. In other words, I *need* to make these changes and make them STICK.

I’m really not sure if I can make my Labour Day goal, but I’m not going to get too wrapped up in it. It remains my *goal* but it will not be something I set my opinion of myself on. I’ll reach it or I won’t, and I’ll go forward from wherever I’m at.

That said, here’s the plan for August:

  • Weight goal = 190 by the first day of school (Sept 4th). Accountability is the lovely ticker on my Progress Report page here, and FatBlokeThin’s challenge. Again, I’ll either make it or I won’t, and then set a new goal!
  • Fitness goal = 1000mins exercise in August. This averages out to about 30mins a day. Accountability here comes from two challenges I’m in on the 3 Fat Chicks forums.
  • Nutrition goals = Breakfast (incl. multivitamin) daily. No more Tony’s trips (the deli near work) in the morning. Nothing after 9pm, because all I ever eat after 9pm is crap! 😉

Yay for goals, and yay for going public with them. I think that this month, I’m going to try to do a weekly round up of my progress. Keep myself honest about what I’m doing and how I’m staying on track.

Who else has August goals? I want to hear them!


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