#55 – Buy a Vacuum


I was reading my 101 in 1001 list today, and realised I’ve accomplished another goal!

A couple weeks ago, Adam and I decided we needed a vacuum. We’ve been in our apartment since May 1st, and hadn’t vacuumed (I know, gross) since we moved in, because we didn’t have and couldn’t afford a vacuum. I decided that affordability or not, we needed to buy one – my asthma and allergies have been crazy lately, and I thought that might help.

I did some research online about vacuums within our price range ($250 or less). My requirements were a long cord (our place has awkwardly situated plugs), a HEPA filter, and baglessness.

We scored a Dirt Devil Reaction at London Drugs for under $200. I *love* it as much as it’s possible to love a vacuum. It is delightfully disgusting to see what it pulls out of our carpets; I suspect the previous tenants weren’t big on vacuuming. My asthma has gone back to “normal” though my allergies are still wild.

It’s not the best vacuum out there, but it’s meeting our needs. If it lasts past its 4 year warranty, I’ll be thrilled.

Two down, 99 to go!


3 Responses to “#55 – Buy a Vacuum”

  1. Simple things make such a difference, don’t they?

  2. 2 Neel

    Have to vacuum to put an end to an allergies….

  3. 3 practiceliving

    Teena – they really do!

    Neel – unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Vacuuming doesn’t remove pollen, pollutants or other allergens from the outdoors, my workplace or other places. Vacuuming only cuts down on dustmites and other similar allergens in my home, but it’s not perfect.

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