So this is me, last August, during a friend’s birthday party:

Drunkypants This was me, last August, drunkenly heading out for a friend’s 21st birthday. Below is me, Simpsonized from that photo. Neat, eh?

M Simpson

In other news, I checked out the farmer’s market that is new to my neighbourhood. It looks good, but the prices are pretty steep. I understand that organic will be more expensive, but WOW this was quite the hike. They did have some neat other vendors, though, and I picked up a delicious loaf of hazelnut-cranberry bread.

After the market, I walked down to 4th to meet a friend. We spent hours walking up and down the hill, window shopping, stopping for lunch, picking up a few things here and there. While we were in Lululemon, I tried on a hoodie. Two months ago, I tried on the size 12 in the same hoodie and it didn’t fit AT all. Today, it was a little tight over my hips and boobs, but zipped and looked CUTE! I’m pleased, because I’d been planning on that hoodie being my reward when I hit my halfway point (180lbs), and now I know that can really happen!

I don’t think I’ve written about my weight loss rewards before – when I first started recommitting to my health in the winter, I made an appointment for a pedicure if I lost my first 10lbs. I did, and the pedicure was extra delightful because I knew I’d met my goal. Sure, I gained some of that weight back, but I have since lost it again. My other rewards are:

  • a new pair of jeans at 190lbs – my jeans right now are already too big, so 9lbs from now, I’ll definitely need new ones.
  • a Scuba hoodie from Lululemon at 180lbs.
  • a new pair of running shoes at 170lbs.
  • two new swimsuits (one for pool swimming, one for beachyfuntimes) at 160lbs aka GOAL!

I’m so excited for each of these goals, and each of their rewards. The rewards of this journey will be much bigger and better than material goods, though. I’m hoping, more than anything, that as I improve my frequency/quality of exercise and lose this weight, that I can decrease my dependency on my asthma meds.

I think I’m writing this to share it, but also so I have something to look back on to remind me WHY I’m doing this. There are so many reasons, really, that I’m sure I’ll blog more and more about them!


4 Responses to “Simpsonized.”

  1. 1 rhythmandthesea

    ooooh well do i make myself into a simpsons character!!

  2. 2 rhythmandthesea

    where, not well. haha i’m tired!

  3. 3 practiceliving

    Cait – go to this website and have some fun with it:

  4. Congrats on meeting a goal! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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