Last night I played ball on an incredibly wet, muddy, stinky field. Was hoping to get out for a walk this morning, but when I got out of bed, my shoes were still wet, so back to bed I went. I’ve got a beach volleyball practice (GULP again) tonight, so I’ll still get some exercise today.I don’t think I’ve mentioned how nervous I am about volleyball starting up. When I joined my softball team, I was nervous, but only because I didn’t know any of my teammates. I’ve played ball for years, so I had no fears about my skills. It’s a beer league, so I wasn’t concerned about being The Fat Girl; beer leagues tend to come with players of all ages, sizes and abilities.

Now my nervousness is switched around – I know most of my teammates, because they mostly come from my softball team. I’ve barely played volleyball since I quit in high school. A game here and there, one semester of indoor rec league with some friend in second year uni, etc. I’ve not played beach volleyball in yonks. I’m not sure if I’m fit enough for the amount of running/jumping involved, or how I’ll do in the sand.



3 Responses to “Beachy.”

  1. I swear we must belong to the same league – lol!
    I responded to your comments on my blog again!

  2. 2 practiceliving

    Heh. I imagine there are a lot of similarities between beer leagues in N America. Both cities I’ve played in (here and back home) have had similar types of people – 18-65yrs old, varying levels of fitness, super skinny to very overweight, etc. I think they tend to be more relaxed, less competitive, so they lend themselves better to the variety than more competitive, focused leagues might.

  3. 3 rhythmandthesea

    mare i know you’re nervous but i believe in you! sure you might be a bit rusty, but half the battle is getting out there and doing it! just remember how awesome and motivated and dedicated you know yourself to be and you’re going to be great.

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