Just As I Am


Yay! A challenge! I came across this one over at The Diet Pulpit, where LadyRose challenged ALL her readers to do this. It originates with Flabuless.

So I challenge other bloggers out there to take part in the same life changing exercise…Instead of concentrating on the negative points of why you want to loose weight and what you hate about yourself…how about writing 5 points about who you are and why you are ok just like that, they can be quirky, embarrassing, brutally honest, boring it doesn’t matter…You are perfect, you are unique and you should accept yourself with all your quirks–‘Just as you are’…Make sure you write it honestly and positively as I have done above. It will be a list that you might need to revisit every day for the next year to remind yourself, that you are ok, and your life is going to turn out ok…but more importantly it will be an affirmation to yourself and the first step in appreciating YOU just as you are.

Flabuless is collecting a list of links to other bloggers lists. You can add yourself to the list on her site here. I challenge all of YOU to do this as well!

Here’s my list:

  1. Β I’m becoming more and more of a homebody. My idea of a fun night tends more towards a night at home with a bottle of wine, good music, some friends and maybe a board game or two. Don’t get me wrong – shakin’ it on the dancefloor and drinking cocktails is plenty of fun; it’s just not my ideal.
  2. I’ve worn glasses since I was 14 years old, except for about 18months where I only wore contacts. I *love* that I wear glasses, which usually seems odd to people. I think that with the right frames, glasses can be incredibly flattering on most people. I am loving my current frames – metallic purple, no bottom rim, a little quirky without being obnoxious.
  3. I think feet are ugly, but I like mine, ugly-and-all! I have a couple of funny crooked toes, which give my feet character. My feet carry me through my daily life, and put up with an unbelievable amount of punishment – including flipflops, high heels, stinky runners. My feet led me through years of dancing, and gave me some of the greatest joys of my childhood. My first pair of pointe shoes still hang on my bedroom wall in my parents house and will always be a treasured possession; my feet held me up, let me feel the freedom, restriction and beauty of being en pointe. My feet pushed me through basketball, making me work harder, run faster, and be stronger as a whole. My feet are scarred and ugly, and I love them.
  4. I want to be back to my old, athletic self – the self who walked a lot, played sports, danced – but I also want to keep my couch potato ways of late. Curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and a book? Love it! This is perfectly okay, as long as I continue to search for balance in my life.
  5. I have a thing for accessories. This is probably rooted in the good old “accessories always fit!” fat-girl mentality, but I will NOT let it go if I lose weight. πŸ˜‰ I love shoes, purses, necklaces, earrings… you name it. There’s something about what a pair of earrings, or headband, or purse can do to change an outfit or an attitude.

8 Responses to “Just As I Am”

  1. Great list! πŸ™‚ I bet you would enjoy some toe rings to celebrate your awesome feet!

  2. 2 practiceliving

    Thanks Lady Rose! Toe rings tickle too much, unfortunately… I just go for pedicures instead! πŸ˜›

  3. Wohooo…Great Challenge piece! Thanks for taking participating. I am becoming more of a ‘homebody’ too…so I know exactly how you feel. After all there is no place like home! Aye”
    I have this little idea of putting a photo montage together of everyone who participates. would it be possible for you to send me a link to your photo….

    πŸ™‚ flabuless

  4. 4 practiceliving

    Thanks Flabuless!

    You can use this pic from my Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marianne_h/348635551/ if you’d like!

  5. I’m going to join in! I gotta thing of my five things first.

  6. 6 practiceliving

    Teena – good for you! It was a hard list for me, too, but I am really pleased with what I thought up; some of these things I never realised before sitting down to really think on them!

  7. 7 waistloss

    You know I’ve always thought that knees and elbows were the really ugly parts of the body. You never here anyone say, “Wow did you see the great knees on the lady?” or “That guy has awesome elbows!”

    I’ve become I homebody too since I got married. I guess it’s because my wife and I are comfortable with each other and like each other’s company.

    You have a great list! Thanks for stopping by my site. You are always welcome!

  8. 8 Katly

    Hi there

    I did something similar on my site it was called 10 things I love about me. Let me know what you think.

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