Yep, one-fifth.

One-fifth of the way through my weight loss! WOO HOO!

I weigh myself every day, but I only “officially” weigh in once a week, on Thursday mornings. Today, I am happy to report, I weighed in at 199lbs – ten pounds down from my start weight, and one-fifth of the way to my goal weight!

As exciting as this is, it’s a little scary, too. Earlier in the year, I got down to about 196. And then life happened – moving, getting settled in, work, etc. Excuses, basically, but that’s what happened. I got frustrated and threw in the towel for a while. I started fluctuating between 200-202 after that.

I’m thrilled to be back on track, and I think I’ve enough determination and motivation right now to STAY on track. I’m taking baby steps, making smaller, slower changes. While this means the weight is coming off s-l-o-w-l-y, I think it will stay off, and I will stick with these changes.

I never thought I’d be so happy to be one-fifth of the way through something!


One Response to “One-fifth.”

  1. Congrats! I started this week pretty good … ate right and exercised. But I fell off last night. Sigh …

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