I’m having one of those days weeks where all I want to do is put on some pj’s, get under the covers, reading books and drinking tea. I blame the weather, since apparently the only alternative to “really frickin’ hot” is “pouring rain.” We need the rain, blahblahblah. Whatever, rational people.

Luckily the sun came out long enough that we had a dry field to play ball on last night. The game was not so good, overall, but I am proud of myself. I ran. I ran fast. I can run enough to get my butt around the bases, but I’m huffing and puffing, usually. Last night felt easier, and I didn’t know I could run that fast! I’ve never been speedy, however fit or skinny or fat I’ve been.

Being able to do those bursts more easily also bolstered my confidence for starting Ct5K next month. I’m apprehensive about it – what if I can’t even handle Week One? What if I’m fatter/slower/more tired than the other people running in my neighbourhood or at the track? I know that the answers are “then you do what you can do” and “so what?” respectively, but… *whimper*

Also – weigh in tomorrow. I weigh myself every morning, so I know what it’s likely to be, but it’s all Official and whatnot tomorrow. I think this weigh-in should have me back on track, back to my weight before everything fell to shit in the spring. If I’m right, I’ll be at a nice, round 10lbs lost and at my first “mini-goal.” Next mini goal after this is to get to my 10% lost weight, 188lbs, by the time I go back to school. 11lbs in 6-7weeks is doable, but will be hard work for me – it will make me really step it up and get serious about exercise, and refocus on my eating habits.

So in the interests of getting me geared up for the next month and a half – what are your favourite recipes? Lunch and dinner foods especially, please!


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