Walking the talk.


(*cry* I had such a great post written, and WordPress ate it! Attempted re-write below.)

At least, I’m attempting to walk it.

I posted on craigslist yesterday to see if I can find a buddy to do Cool Runnings’ Couch-to-5K program with me. I want to do it, and know I can if I set my mind to it… I just think I can do it *better* if I have a buddy with me! I think this week I will start a sort of “week zero” of walking, and start C25K on August 1st.

Tonight I’m going to softball, then out to dinner and Harry Potter with some girlfriends. Should be a fun night, although I’m hoping the temperature stays down – we’re forecast for 33-35C today, which would be no fun at softball!

I’ve been thinking about obstacles lately, especially the ones we build ourselves. I think they can be the most daunting, because we don’t always realise we’ve built them until we run smack into them. Previously, I’d run into them, sit down and go “oh.” Now I want to run into them so I can figure them out and tear them down. I know that this journey to a healthier life/lifestyle will involve a lot of mental wrestling, and I’m ready for that.

Bring it on, baggage. Bring it on.


2 Responses to “Walking the talk.”

  1. I’ve been trying to get into jogging. Here’s a program that I found that I’ve been doing. I get through the first week and then life gets busy … so I start over. Someday I’ll get through the 13 weeks! Ha!


  2. 2 practiceliving

    Thanks for the link, Teena! I definitely need to stick with Couch to 5K right now, though. I’m barely fit enough for that, let alone 10K! Maybe I’ll use that after Ct5K is over.

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