Baby steps.


I decided not to do the train and play volleyball I wrote about last week. I would have missed this week’s night, and it’s just too expensive at the moment. There are a lot of other ways to exercise without spending that much money, like using my gym membership, going to drop-in swims at the pool down the street, or going to the track nearby to walk or jog.

Did I mention the pool and the track? I moved at the beginning of May, and even though I only moved 5 blocks up the hill, it’s a completely new and different neighbourhood.

A few blocks away is the public high school, and they’ve got a nice big field as well as a swimming complex run by one of the local community centres. The drop-in rates are pretty reasonable, I think, and they have aquafit and other classes. I think next paycheque I’ll buy a bathing suit (old one is scandalously too small), and start swimming lengths again or going to a class or two.

Farther up the street is a huge park which I’ve just learned has a rough track at one end. On my way to softball last week I noticed a lot of people walking and running on it, and I think I might start up with that too. It would be nice to measure progress that way – how many laps I can do in how long, etc.

I know that I won’t start doing all these things right away, though. I’m afraid of too much too soon, because I’ve been caught up with that in the past, and it ultimately crumbles away.

So for now, baby steps – I’m learning more about intuitive eating and trying to practice it. This week I want to go for a walk one morning before work. Probably later in the week, tho, as we’re going to midnight-Harry-Potter on Tuesday! 😉


3 Responses to “Baby steps.”

  1. Baby steps are key! And don’t be too hard on yourself while getting going. Have a read- it may inspire or comfort you:

  2. What a lovely photo, and a wonderful memory!

  3. 3 Liz

    A photo that carries happy memories is the best kind. Nice shot.

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