I hate it a little. I hate how much of my life is organised around making it, budgeting it, spending it, saving it. It takes over, and infests a lot of my decision making as you might have gathered from the volleyball post below. I’d *love* to participate in the league and training, but I’m just not sure I can afford that much money right now.

Poking around in the blogosphere today, I came across Amy’s blog My Debt Free Goal, where she is trying to beat almost $73k of debt in two years. It’s quite a goal, and it will be interesting to follow her journey to financial freedom.

One of the sites she has reviewed is called CashCrate. After reading her review and poking around for other reviews, I signed up using her referral link. I’ve completed a few free offers, and while I know this will NOT be a huge impact on my income, a little extra here and there never hurts. If you think CashCrate might be something that interests you, too, please sign up using my referral link. (Links removed as per’s request)

My financial goal for this month is to get as much of the Ontario trip paid off as we can, as well as paying the remainder of my summer tuition next week. The trip is “paid off” in the sense that everything that went on the credit cards is off them, with the exception of the hotel and car, because they were just charged. It’s more so getting A’s share of it back to me once he has paycheques coming in again.

Stupid money.


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  1. A fake boutoniere? (however you spell it, lol) That really is a good idea and cuts the cost on the real flowers. Great pic, thanks for sharing.

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