The Challenge.


Today I came across a wonderful, passionate post outlining just how hard it can be and how much work it can take to lose weight and then maintain that loss over time. You can read it (and the 600+ comments on it!) here. The author writes about all the time and effort that goes into researching, preparing, motivating, and completing the skills and habits that make weight loss and weight maintenance after a loss successful.

When I weighed myself in January and found out I was heavier than I had ever been before, AND heavier than the weight I deemed unacceptable, I set out to get serious. I would literally spend HOURS on, at the gym, at the grocery store, reading cookbooks and Googling for recipes and workouts. It became obsessive, but it worked. I lost 13lbs in 8 weeks. And then I plateaued.

And then I panicked.

And then I gave up, because I had to move, and I was stressed to the point of either not wanting to eat or to inhale anything in sight. We moved, and then I was adjusting to cooking for two people again, and cooking real meals again. I was adjusting to Adam’s serving sizes.

Then last week I realised that it doesn’t have to be like this, all or nothing. I am in control here, and I can make conscious choices that don’t involve all or nothing mentalities. This is where the Less Crap post from last week comes from – my new dedication to doing it right 80% of the time and not berating myself for the rest.

This is not to suggest that my commitment is only at 80% – HELL NO! I am completely committed to making changes to my lifestyle and attitude. I’m just letting myself be human this time around – I’m letting life happen, and acknowledging that sometimes chocolate will be the answer, so long as it isn’t always the answer.

I am not making a bunch of huge changes at once, this time. It’s not realistic, for me. Right now my focus is on more fruit and vegetables, more water, and fewer foods that are lacking in nutritional density. In a few weeks, I’ll start working on the exercise aspect. From there, I’ll work on other things.

Piece by piece, this will happen.


2 Responses to “The Challenge.”

  1. 1 hopefulgirl

    You are welcome. I am excited to watch you accomplish your goals and read along with your transitioning! Life after school is hard, and very different, but it sounds like you are ready!

    Good luck to you, friend!

  2. great post – I so need help in this area.

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