I’ve officially knocked the first item off my 101 in 1001 list!

Yesterday I spent a few hours at Guide House finishing a first aid course. I’m now certified with Standard First Aid, CPR Level B, which means that next year I can act as a first aider at Brownies or at Guiding-related camps.

This is something I’ve wanted to achieve for a few years, but I kept putting it off because it is so freaking expensive! Luckily, my district is paying the full cost of the course in the interests of having more Guiders certified. I hope what I’ve learned won’t be necessary, but I had a great trainer and I’m confident in what I’ve learned.

So as of today, I’m twenty-two days in, with one item done, two begun, and lots more to go.


2 Responses to “#32”

  1. 1 rhythmandthesea

    congratulations! when you say “so freakin’ expensive”… how much are we talking here?!

  2. 2 practiceliving

    The training I did was $100/person, but we got a discounted rate because there were a lot of us and the training company has a lot of connections to guiding.

    The other ones I looked into (through St John’s, UBC, etc) were all in the $150/person ballpark.

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