Less Crap.


Because I’m a slowpoke, I’m only just now exploring the fun that is GoogleDocs. We’ve started using it at work to share documents, and it’s so neat.

So now I have a spreadsheet to track my weight loss efforts over the next year. Feel free to perv on it here. The link will also stay in my sidebar for future perving/accountability.

I am excited and a little nervous.

Every time I have attempted to lose weight, I’ve been successful in the short term. Then life crops up, my motivation fizzles, or I get frustrated with a plateau. I don’t want to focus on those attempts because I still think of them as failures; I need to think about them critically, though, and figure out WHAT changed along the way and WHY I derailed. In 2004, I lost 20lbs over the summer; I gained it back over two years. At the beginning of this year, I lost 13lbs, and gained 4lbs back when we moved and I stopped going to the gym.

I want this time to be different. I need this time to be different.

My plan as it stands right now is simple – less crap. Less crap food, more food that is valuable as fuel. Fewer crap excuses for not exercising. Less crap from myself, to myself – stop berating myself over every little thing that doesn’t go 100% according to plan. Just LESS CRAP.

I want my body back.


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