#66 begins


66) See my brother once a month for a year. (1/12 starting june 07)

Last night my brother came over, bringing dinner and a birthday present with him. We cooked up dinner (Vij’s takeaway), and sat around my dining table like grownups, with candles and placemats and good conversation. We drank cranberry juice from wine glasses and laughed a lot.

It was happy, comfortable and comforting, and exactly what I needed yesterday.


3 Responses to “#66 begins”

  1. Hi! That sounds like a nice time…as well as a nice goal!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Corning made wine glasses seem to be the best! they are tough and have great designs ~

  3. those thick and heavy borosilicate wine glasses are the best but they are very expensive “.~ *-,

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