Now that I’ve written The List, I’m feeling… intimidated. Can I really do this all in the next 2.75 years?

I think the only answer is that I can, if I make it happen. This is not a passive list, a passive task. Achieving all these goals will require me to take an active role in my life, to stop being a backseat driver to my own life. No one else can make this happen for me.

If only I knew where to start! #32 will be knocked off in two weeks time, when I finish my first aid training through Girl Guides. Other than that… how do I decide which goal to go after first? Do I go after more than one at a time?

It’s easy to pick goals off the list and set them aside for later in the 1001 days. Those are the goals that financially, emotionally, or physically can’t happen until something else of the list DOES happen. E.g. I can’t do #1 (Grouse Grind) until I get serious
about #2 and get more active; I can’t do #33 until I get my L and spend a year practicing.

I don’t want this to be about “can’t” though – this is about what I CAN and WILL achieve in the next few years. I am so focused on “I can’t” and I’m unsure how to break that focus.


5 Responses to “How?”

  1. 1 rhythmandthesea

    i am very excited to see your progress. i know you can and will get these things accomplished… we’ll help each other.

    i guess i should start by finishing my damn list 😛

  2. 2 rhythmandthesea

    ps. how do you get the fun little goal bars on the left??? i want them!

    (also according to wordpress i am “posting comments too quickly. slow down”. hahah!)

  3. 3 practiceliving

    Bwahaha – way to go speeddemon. 🙂

    The goal bars are from a neat site meant for word counts. If you click on the bars, it should take you to the site.

    Yeah, finish the list and pick a start/end date already!! Sheesh.

  4. I was too busy to post goals this week other than monday…bad me!!! I will have to post one before today runs out!

  5. 5 practiceliving

    Y’know, I don’t think it’s “bad” to skip days here and there. As long as you are working on the changes you want to make consistently over time, it doesn’t have to be constant.

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