Faith, Part One.


I believe that everything in my life happens for a reason; that reason might not become clear for years, but it exists. I believe that people come through our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

My spirituality and my religion co-exist, happily interacting and intertwining; however, they are not interchangeable.

My religion is a lapsed, liberal Christianity. I go to church at high holidays, and when it’s convenient. I read the Bible. I read about how other live and interpret Christianity. I pray. I feel God’s presence when I walk down my street to the bus in the morning and see the sun rising; when I sit on the deck of the ferry and feel the wind in my hair; when I think about the fact that this world we are living on is spinning faster than I can ever understand. I believe when I meet people who are true and real and full of life. I believe equally when I sit in church at Easter singing Hallelujah, for He is Risen! as when I watch a lightning storm off in the distance. My belief in God never wavered, even when I thought it had – I had just distanced myself from Christianity, and was finding another path to God.

My spirituality is faith, happiness, security, love. My spirituality is the goodness of people. I feel spiritual when I hear the voices of the women who mentor me singing my country’s anthem with love and pride; when I come home from work and Adam rushes to embrace me; when my best friend and I laugh and cry together; when I workout and feel powerful and alive and healthy.

My spirituality is heart, my religion is soul. I have faith in both.


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