Neat Little Boxes


I have a confession to make – I’m cheating the 1001 days a little. I’m “backdating” my start date to June 4, 2007. Truthfully, this is when I started thinking about my list again and committed to starting again. Having now figured out what the end date would be, I am set on that as my “start” date. With June 4, 2007 as my start date, my end date will be February 28, 2010, also known as the date of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics Closing Ceremonies.

For this year’s fresh start at 101, I want to have a better set of categories to prevent some of the ambiguity that existed on last year’s list. Last year’s list had sixteen categories; health&exercise, music&culture, people&relationships, good deeds, creativity, fashion, travel, financial, school, kiddy stuff, career, domestic, spiritual, reading, internet and miscellaneous. Looking back, that all seems so excessive and broken down. How did reading and music&culture not fit in with creativity? How did good deeds not fit in with spirituality? How did I have all these categories and still need a miscellaneous category?

This time around, all my goals will be specific – they will have either a measurable quality and/or a definable end, and they will be clearly written. I don’t mean to say that they will be rigid or unchanging, because that would go against the whole nature of this challenge; they will be solid, definable, tangible.

My categories:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Faith & Mental Health
  • Education & Career
  • Domestic & Financial
  • Relationships & Community
  • Art & Culture
  • Travel & Identity

I think these categories are broad enough to cover everything, and defined enough not to overlap much. Today I’ve come up with 20-odd goals, some stolen from last year’s list. List up by the end of the weekend, if not sooner!


One Response to “Neat Little Boxes”

  1. Can’t wait to read more about your goals!

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